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Dominic Bane

(MicroSag Feature Film)

TSGT Wilkynson

Rynanium Films

Producer/Director: Matt Silva & Aniel Rios

Coming Soon


Hot Copy Radio Theater (Podcast)

Richard Thrasher, Harold Lawton/Newspaper Photographer, Tony Gianelli & Jeff Warren (recurring)

Producer/Director: Jeff Goodluck

Out on all platforms




Garrett Evans

Director: Yha Mourhia

Award Winning Web Series

Now on Amazon Prime, Black Oak TV & Vault Access

Prospect Park Web Series



Fragile Wildflower Productions

Director: Courtni Saizon

Streaming on Black Oak TV

Fresh Start



Director: Karl Cardona

Currently on Festival Circuit





Detective Masse

Producer: McGregory Frederique

Director: John Joseph

Coming Soon

Souls of Men


Officer Murphy

Director: Mills Miller

Currently on Festival Circuit


One Day When I Was Lost 

by James Baldwin

Live Reading


Mr. Otrovski 

Director: Jose Esquea

February 25th, 2022


Restless Shores (Audio Podcast)


Dimitri Cassadine/Announcer 

Director: Marsha Hinton

Out on all streaming platforms

Shamus (Audio Podcast)


Arnold Pratt/Captain Wayne/Aztec Bartender 

Director: Marsha Hinton

Out on all streaming platforms


Mafia War Chronicles


Mario Libretti/Paulie Gallo

Director: Richard Mondacci

Streaming on YouTube



Student/Panicky Kid (Voiceover)

Director: Faythe Lewis

Currently in the Backstage: Sound Stories Contest 



Mr. Gram

Director: Tesheo Gordon

Currenty on Festival Circuit

One Day In NYC



Director: Ta'quan Pugh

Coming Soon

The List



Director: Sherean Jones

Coming Soon

Whatever It Takes


Marco (Voiceover)

Director: Michael Fels

Coming Soon


Uncle Dodo



Producer: Ekoko Mukete

Director: Berka Ngong

Filming Postponed due to Covid


Grand Master Theory

Boyfriend of Average Jane

Director: TBD

Filming postponed due to Covid


Sweet Cuisine


Max Cutler

Director: Dante Orange

Youtube Live Table Read


Half In Half Out



Director: Zellee Jones

Coming Soon




Agent 2

Supreme & Prophecy Film Studios

Director: Shomari Love

Coming Soon

10 X 10 Studios Commercial


Gen Z/Millenial Patient

Producer: Michael Fels

Director: Carlos Bido




Fragile Wildflower Productions

Director/Producer: Courtni Saizon

Filming TBD

Don't Look At Me



Director: Mang Daniel

Coming Soon

Live from the Drive



Axion Studios

Director: Wrangel Lubin

Coming Soon

Bum Rush (The Web Series)



Director: Mr. Jay V/Dre Foreman

Now on Youtube

Zooming Out (Web Series)

Kyle Kappas

Director: Vanessa Reinoso

Mission Gaiter Shoot



Director: Jeff Sussman

Breaking the Silence


Wounded Soldier

40 Years of Silence LLC

Director: Seayoon

Winner of Best Short at LAFA

Stuck On Single



Director: Drica Armstrong

Now on Youtube

She Hates Coffee



Director: A.R Garcia

Co-Director: Dudley Findlay Jr.

February 8th, 9th, 10th 2019

Kumble Theatre, NY

God And My Gay Ass God



Director: Yoon Lee

August 6th, 7th & 10th, 2019

New York Theater Festival

Hudson Guild Theater, NY

Idriss Live


Improv Team

Director/Producer: IdrissTV

September 6th, 2019

Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Manhattan, NY

Finding Fabulous Private Table Read


Richard, Vlad & Barry  

Producer: Scott McCann

May 21st, 2019

Pearl Studios, NY

An Evening of Shakespeare


Partner of Macbeth 

Director: Jose A. Esquea

May 1st, 2019

Cuny Graduate Center, NY

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